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Below - "Mackay the New City" Comimssioned by Charter Hall 2019 - Large Scale Digital Design

Jodie Connolly Digital art on Empty Shop Front.png

Above - Sydney Street Markets Commissioned by Charter Hall - Design installed in shop window

Queensland Day Mackay City Centre 2019 Wall Design.jpg

Above - Queensland Day Celebrations Mackay 2019 - Commissioned by Mackay City Centre  2019 - Collaboration with Luke Mallie


Above - Mackay Pride Mural 2019 5th Lane Mackay - Commissioned by Our Friends Electric  Sydney for  Facebook and Instagram

Above - Mackay Pride Mural 2019 5th Lane Mackay - Before and after photos and detail

Interior Office Wall Mural Split Spaces Mackay .jpg

Above - "Your attitude determines your direction"  - Commissioned by Split Spaces Mackay  2016

Above - "You are here"  - detail