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Queensland Training Awards - CQ Regional Finalist Vocational Student of the Year.

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Last year during the middle of lock down (and after being made redundant from a job I had only been in for a coupe of months), I decided to go back to study. I enrolled into the NEIS Scheme through MyPathways and the Certificate IV in New Small Business. I had previously done some training in small business around 20 years ago, and had been continually improving my skills through my own initiative. However the way to operate my creative business had changed significantly due to the global Covid pandemic. I knew I had to 'pivot' and make changes and improvements to my business operations.

While I was studying, I was also home schooling both of my daughters. Zoom was such a godsend. I had also reached a point of burn out in my life trying to juggle single parenting, being divorced, self employment, and helping out my mum. During the middle of lock down my Mum's heart condition got to the point where she had to be flown to Brisbane for another life saving procedure. It is incredible that she is even alive today as she was told after the last open heart surgery that the doctors were surprised she had lived past the age of 3 years. But thanks to new technology in heart medicine she got through it. I was so relieved as it was her last option. I felt very alone as my dad passed away in 2015 from Motor Neurone Disease after a 5 year battle, and our extended family lived too far away to do anything. It was an incredibly stressful time, and I feel as though I am still catching up on my life and career.

Since then been working hard now to "pivot" and make changes to my business operations. Being self employed in the Creative Arts Industry is no easy task. It takes a lot of commitment, persistence, lots of rejection and then getting back up again. I am no where near where I want to be, but I have started to make some positive changes to myself and the work I do.

Creativity has been my life and career, it is something I understand and appreciate in others as well. I believe it improves our lives and helps us to understand the world around us. To be nominated for the Queensland Training Awards this year was an absolute honor. Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners. Legends!

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